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What Radio Station Plays K-Pop?

Writen by Edwin Jones

Fact checked by Andrew Wright

What Radio Station Plays Kpop

The global phenomenon of K-pop music originating from South Korea has taken the world by storm, dominating the charts with extraordinary fanbase.

However, a pressing question remains for some fans: What radio station plays K-pop music? In America, numerous radio stations have started to embrace the K-pop wave, offering top Korean Pop music hits. Among these is KNHC, KPOP and SiriusXM Radio.

Keep on reading as we’ll explore the radio stations that bring your favorite K-pop hits to the airwaves.

What Radio Station Plays K-pop Music?


1. KNHC Channel 89.5 in Seattle


Despite the increase in K-pop music streams, the penetration of K-pop music in radio stations in America is nearly nonexistent. Even if top K-pop hits such as Dynamite and Butter reached the top radio charts, they didn’t stay up long and they still lagged behind big American artists.

But there are many radio stations that play K-pop. Notably, KNHC/C89.5, a music station in Seattle, dedicates K-pop shows called K-Plus twice a week. This station offers a rare opportunity for K-pop fans to enjoy their favorite tunes on the radio.

2. SiriusXM Radio


If you’re a fan of K-pop and want to listen during car rides, consider buying a SiriusXM radio for cars. Sirius XM began releasing a weekly K-pop music trend chart called K-pop Radar in 2022.

You can also tune in to Korean Music Stations like channel 144. The channel is called Koera Today and it airs Korean content for 24 hours. Korean Today’s content directly comes from Korea so expect to hear some of your favorite K-pop hits.

This program airs through SiriusXM’s radio and receiver on their channel 88rising Radio, which is a K-pop station on radio. You can tune in to your car’s receiver or SiriusXM Radio.

What Online Radio Station Plays K-pop Music?

In the digital age of radio, online radio stations have become increasingly popular, reaching $4 billion dollars in 2019, and many of them cater to K-pop enthusiasts. It’s no surprise that many online radio stations produce K-pop channels dedicated to streaming trending K-pop hits.

Here are some of the Online Radio Stations that play K-pop music:

1. 113.FM KPOP


113.FM KPOP is an online radio station that broadcasts K-pop music internationally. This is one of 113. FM Radio’s channels plays Korean Pop Music. You can listen to their online radio streams by downloading their free App.

2. VIP Radio


VIP Radio is an America online music provider that broadcasts music from all around the world, including K-pop. The radio company is located in the USA and it has multiple stations across different states to cater to specific local audiences.

VIP Radio Stations Across America
Hawaii New York
California Florida
Tennessee Texas
New Jersey Wisconsin
Michigan Arkansas
Alaska Iowa
Mississippi North Carolina
Minnesota Georgia
Maryland Pennsylvania (PA))

Visit this link to find out if VIP Radio is available in your state.

3. Sunrise Radio


Sunrise Radio aims to bridge the gaps between Asian-specific broadcasts that started in the UK. This online radio station has reached America, providing online radio access. The station plays Asian music that includes K-pop and J-pop.

Sunrise Radio has stations across several American states.

Sunrise Radio Stations Across America
NYC Hawaii
Florida California
Indiana Maine
Arizona Alaska
Texas Alabama
Arkansas South Carolina
Missouri New Jersey
New Hampshire Georgia

Visit this link to find out if Sunrise Radio is available in your state.

4. Candid Radio


Candid Radio is a captivating online radio station in the USA that transcends boundaries and genres, including the top hits of K-pop. They offer immersive audio for vibrant music listening and have stations across multiple states.

Candid Radio Stations Across America
Maryland Texas
Florida Indiana
New Mexico Colorado
Oregon Mississippi
Georgia Missouri
Pennsylvania Montana
New Hampshire Nevada

5. Public Radio


Public Radio is one of the most popular internet radio stations in the USA. They offer an eclectic collection of K-pop tracks that can be conveniently streamed. K-fans can now stream Korean music in just a few clicks.

Public Radio Stations Across America
Washington Seattle
Austin Columbus

Getting in Touch With K-pop Radio Stations


Like many radio stations, you can access the K-pop radio station’s number with their online website to request your favorite song. Visit this link to find your radio and their station’s number.


The global rise of K-pop music has made its way into the American music scene. While K-pop’s presence on traditional American radios may be limited, several online radio platforms have emerged to deliver Korean Pop Music to its fans.

Now you know what radio station plays K-pop. So don’t hesitate to discover the K-pop world through radio stations and listen to music without borders.

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