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What is Wind Up Radio

Wind Up Radio is a team that helps workers in healthcare, education, entertainment, public safety, and more find the best radio accessories. We conduct thorough research and testing to inform readers about the available two-way radios, walkie-talkies, and many more communication devices used and trusted by professionals. 

We understand the importance of smooth and seamless communication between workers thoroughly. And our commitment to bring good service and content shows in the detailed guide and honest reviews. So, you can find anything you need to know about radio accessories here to communicate better, no matter which duties you have. 

Who We Are

Adam Sykes

After four years working as a radio mechanic, I know that everything about radio communication is not breezy, even though it greatly benefits us. That is why I set up a website sharing my skills and guides to help non-professional users use their radio headsets, set up their antennas or choose the right products, etc. 

I hope to bring these rather complicated yet helpful devices closer to many readers. You might not be here to look for a good product but just read to know interesting facts and tricks about radio accessories. Whatever that is, I am here to offer the best! So, welcome to Wind Up Radio! 

Amaro Frank

Hi, I am Amaro Frank – the Wind Up Radio’s content editor and writer. Working with Adam is so much fun, as his stories and experiences enrich my knowledge about radio communications and radio accessories. My main tasks in Wind Up Radio are building content and generating great articles on different topics around radio accessories. 

We carry thorough research combined with years of experience to solve your question about just anything. You can check our guides on license, installation, maintenance, or utilize your walkie-talkies with ease. Also, I gather and review the widely-loved radio accessories that workers should consider for their daily duties. 

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