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Which Fuse is for the Radio? – Common Locations

Writen by Edwin Jones

Fact checked by Andrew Wright

which fuse is for the radio

Sometimes, you might encounter a frustrating situation where your car radio is no longer working. There could be several reasons for this issue; one of the most common causes is a blown fuse. Fortunately, identifying the radio fuse location is easy.

Most car radios have fuses located in the dashboard or underneath the vehicle’s engine. However, not all car models have fuses in the same place. In this article, we will guide you on identifying which fuse is for the radio.

Identifying the Radio Fuses


Each car has a fuse box to help protect circuits from overload or short-circuiting. In most modern vehicles, care fuses used are blade-type. The blade fuse is generally located at the back of your car stereo.

Let’s examine how to locate the fuse box on a car.

Common Fuse Box Locations

Locating your fuse box can be easily done when going to your vehicle manual. However, as this can be time-consuming, here are some places to find the fuse for the radio in your car.

#1 Under the Dashboard

You can usually find your fuse box just underneath the dashboard on the driver’s side. You may need to open the driver’s side door to access the location of the fuse box.

However, for certain car models like Ford or Chevy, the fuse box is situated within the passenger compartment, just below the glove compartment. Once you’ve located the fuse box in these models, you should check what number the radio fuse corresponds to.

Finding the Radio Fuse on a Ford (2011-2018)


If you own a Ford, you can diagnose radio-related issues by checking the following:

    1. Radio and DVD Functions: Inspect fuse number 79, a 15 amp fuse responsible for your radio and DVD player.
    2. Additional Radio Component: Also check for fuse number 85, which is a 7.5 amp fuse that contributed to the function of your radio system.

Finding the Radio Fuse on a Chevy (2009-2017)


If you own a Chevy, you can try to check the relevant fuses of your radio:

    1. Radio Display: Inspect your 10 amp fuse responsible for the radio display.
    2. Main Radio Functions: Next, examine the 15amp fuse that handles your main radio.
    3. Amplifier power: Optionally, you can also check for the 30amp fuse, which is responsible for power to your amplifier.

It is important to note that other car models have different fuse numbers that correspond to the radio system. Check your owner’s manual to identify them.

#2 In The Engine Compartment


The fuse box can be located in the engine compartment in other car models. This is commonly under your vehicle’s hood, situated near the battery, or close to the firewall. The fuse box cover may contain a fuse diagram indicating the locations of your fuses.

Locating Radio Fuse Using the Fuse Diagram


You can find the fuse diagram of your vehicle by using your manual. If this is not available, you can check the cover of your fuse box. The fuse diagram is typically printed on its cover.

This diagram will display fuse numbers, the corresponding amp ratings, and symbols representing the systems they protect. If you’re looking for the radio fuse, it may be represented with a radio symbol or ACC, the radio fuse abbreviation.

ACC stands for accessories, and this fuse provides the power to the accessory components, which includes the radio.

Signs of a Blown Fuse


When one of your car fuses blows, this will interrupt the operation of the system that it protects.

  • For instance, if your car radio fuse has blown, you will immediately observe that your radio is no longer functional. This is either because of excessive power demand or electrical malfunction.
  • You can also detect a blown fuse with a slight burning odor.
  • Some car models might even have a warning saying to “CHECK FUSES” when one of the fuses has been blown.

Remember that the affected system will not operate unless you get your fuse checked and replaced.

Replacing the Car Radio Fuse

Step 1: Turning the Engine Off


To replace your blown fuse, make sure to turn off your engine. After turning it off, put your car into park mode. This will protect you from electrical shocks when you are handling a fuse.

Step 2: Pulling Out the Fuse


Locate the right radio fuse by using the steps above. Once located, use a fuse puller to pull out the broken fuse safely.

Step 3: Replacing the Right Fuse Rating

When replacing the blown fuse, you have to get the replacement with the right amperage and voltage ratings.

If you replace it with the wring ratings, your fuse will either blow again or have an overcurrent. For more accuracy, make sure to check your fuse diagram.

Step 4: Test the Radio


Once the fuse has been successfully replaced, you can test your radio. To do this, turn your car engine and switch your radio on.


Whenever you encounter issues with your radio, always check for a blown fuse. As a common issue, knowing the exact location of your fuse box is helpful. Replacing a blown fuse is straightforward when you’re familiar with its location.

It would be a much easier task now that you know which fuse is for the radio and this detailed guide to replace it.

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