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How to Wear a Radio Earpiece in 4 Surprisingly Easy Steps

Writen by Edwin Jones

Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how to wear a radio earpiece

As an event organizer or a security guard, you will soon need to wear a walkie talkie earpiece. Yet, you don’t know how to put it on appropriately and comfortably. Plus, many have shared on social media the discomfort that came when they put on this device.

No worries! Check out this article to find our 4-easy-step guide on how to wear a radio earpiece. With the guidance and other essential information here, you will no longer find this task a challenge.

4 Easy Steps to Wear a Radio Earpiece


Although it is not too complicated to wear a surveillance earpiece, there are several small details that you should not miss to set the earpiece properly. Follow the four steps below, and you will be able to complete this task within a few seconds.

Step 1: Put earpiece in-ear

Even when some other guidance suggests that you should attach the PTT/mic first, it would be more efficient to prioritize setting the earpiece first. Take some time to adjust this tiny earphone until it genuinely fits your ear. Then, move on with the mic/PTT.

Step 2: Place the mic on the most suitable spot

Where to affix the mic primarily depends on the style of radio earpieces you own.

Most professionals recommend placing the PTT/mic below your head, right on the collar, so that the mic can pick up your voice easily. But, if you have to hide your earpiece, find the most suitable spot to attach the mouthpiece, for example, on your wrist.

Step 3: Connect the cable with the radio

Turn off the radio beforehand. Then, run the wire under your shirt all the way down the waist.

Now, you can connect the earpiece to the radio. Remember to push the connector hard to ensure a stable connection between your earpiece and the transmitter. After that, turn on the radio to start testing the equipment performance.

Step 4: Test the coiled earpiece performance

As you have turned on the radio, try saying something to your co-workers. If you all can hear each other clearly, your earpiece is good to go.

Next, clip the radio earpiece on your clothes. Finally, walk around the room to see whether the current setup is comfortable enough. If yes, you have worn your radio earpiece appropriately.

What Is a Radio Earpiece?

A radio earpiece is equipment that helps deliver the sound from a two-way communication device, for example, a walkie-talkie or two-way radio. You just need to place it against the ear.

It will allow you to listen to the sound from other people without holding any device. What’s more, after receiving the information, you can answer back discreetly utilizing the mic attached to your shirt collar or sleeve.

This equipment is crucial to people working in various fields such as secret service, catering, event management, factory work, and broadcasting. With a radio earpiece, they communicate with their colleagues over long distances or in crowded settings effectively.

If you have a career in such an industry, chances are you will need to wear a coiled earpiece sometimes. So keep reading to explore a bit more about this indispensable device!

Different Types Of Surveillance Earpieces


Manufacturers have created three main kinds of radio earpieces for you to choose from based on your preferences and work requirements. Since these types may affect how you wear a radio earpiece, you definitely should obtain a basic understanding of the critical differences among them.

1-wired surveillance earpiece

As seen from its name, a 1-wired coiled earpiece connects all the radio, the earpieces, and the PTT (push-to-talk) mic using a single cable only. With this design, you will have the PTT/mic attached around the chest area, such as on the lapel or collar. This type is mainly used by event organizers or hotel staff.

2-wired surveillance earpiece

A 2-wired surveillance earpiece is developed with two separate wires. One cable connects the radio with the PTT/mic, while the other is tied up with the earpiece.

As a result, you can place the PTT/mic on your lapel or secretly under your sleeve. Due to this feature, the 2-wired surveillance earpiece is particularly popular among the police and high-end security guards.

3-wired surveillance earpiece

A 3-wired radio earpiece has three wires, with the third cable dedicated only to the PTT button. Therefore, you can keep the microphone near your mouth when setting the PTT button down your arm. This equipment is beneficial if you want to avoid people’s attention on your earpiece.

What Are Some Benefits of a Radio Earpiece?

When you wear an earpiece, you are empowered to communicate promptly and effectively with others across the room or within different areas. Despite the crowded event hall, all the sound is transmitted clearly as the mic does not pick up much noise.

Moreover, it is pretty convenient and secure to talk over the radio. No one can eavesdrop on the conversation. Also, you are hands-free, since all the mic and earpieces have been well attached to your body.

Radio Earpiece Limitations

Nevertheless, there are some critical limitations of a coiled earpiece that you should not neglect.

First of all, if you take advantage of the earpiece for the whole day, it may, unfortunately, itch your ear. Additionally, if you get into a fight with a suspect when you don’t wear Motorola radio earpiece or Ear Hugger earpiece accurately, it can fall out suddenly, interrupting your communication.

Furthermore, the wire replacement can be a bit costly when the wires are cracked. Also, as there are many manufacturers in the market; several brands do not allow you to connect their earpieces with the radio under other brands.

Thus, don’t forget to double-check the earpiece compatibility to refrain from purchasing the wrong type of equipment.

Why Does My Radio Earpiece Sound Muffled?

Sometimes, even when you have considerately set up the earpiece, it remains hard to hear your colleague.

In some cases, this issue results from the mic position. For example, if your co-workers place the microphones too far from their mouths, the mic cannot pick up their words efficiently. Therefore, ask them to adjust the mic and try again.

Still, under some circumstances, the issue happens because you haven’t cleaned the earpiece correctly. Eventually, a blob of dirt gets stuck in your earpiece tube, thus ruining the sound quality.

Use water to clean the tube. Then, try to blow down the tube and remove all the water. You should always keep your earpiece dry to facilitate its best performance.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, wearing an earpiece is not a big challenge. With our 4-easy-step guide on how to wear a radio earpiece and other relevant information, we believe that you will be able to take the most advantage of your earpiece and have some crystal clear conversation with other people in your team.

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