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Freeplay 360 AM & FM Radio

Writen by Edwin Jones

Fact checked by Andrew Wright

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

  • Freeplay = reliable wind-up technology
  • 30 sec wind = up to 45 min of play!
  • Affordable
  • Excellent reception
  • Great Sound!
  • Plugs in with AC adapter!
  • Optional headphones for private listening

Freeplay 360 Radio – Features

Operation & Storing Energy

  • The Freeplay Radio is equipped with three different energy supply facilities, a carbon steel spring, a solar panel (Model FPR3 360) and a NiCd rechargeable battery. We think it’s the best wind up emergency radio.
  • The Carbon Steel Spring stores energy created by winding the handle. The energy is released on demand and converted to electricity, charging the battery which in turn powers the radio.
    Hold the radio firmly whilst cranking the handle in a clockwise direction. Approximately 55 turns fully energizes the spring. As the spring discharges it dumps electricity into the rechargeable battery. The battery can be further charged by successive spring discharges.
  • A Solar Panel fitted in the rear casing of the radio (Model FPR3 360) generates electricity when exposed to sunlight. In direct sunlight the radio will run off the solar panel. If the solar contribution is sufficient it will also recharge the battery.
    (FPR3 360) When placed in direct (full) sunlight the radio will function exclusively from solar power. If the solar contribution is sufficient the battery will be charged while playing. The solar panel can also be used solely as a charging facility while the radio is not in use by exposing the solar panel to sunlight.
  • The NiCd rechargeable battery offers convenience of charging your Freeplay radio by either an AC/DC (4.5 V 150mA) adapter, or by leaving the set in the OFF position in the sun, or by successive spring discharges.
    The Freeplay radio may also be powered by an AC/DC (4.5V 150mA) adapter by inserting the adapter jack into the DC in socket on the side of the radio. The battery is also charged on a constant trickle charge using the adapter.

Freeplay 360 Radio – Specifications

Power Source:

  • Internal – B-Motor textured carbon spring driving a DC generator through a transmission.
  • Solar – High performance thin film solar panel
  • External – Optional DC adapter (center pin positive) 4.5 V 150mA (minimum)

Frequency Range:

  • FM – 88 to 108 MHz
  • AM – 520 to 1700 KHz


  • Size – 2.5 inch silver dome
  • Impedance – 8 ohms

Antenna system:

  • FM – Telescopic antenna
  • AM – Built in ferrite bar antenna


US Metric
Height 4″ 104mm
Width 2.9″ 74mm
Length 8.2″ 210mm
Weight 2.2lbs. 1kg
  1. Winder Handle
  2. Volume and On/Off Control
  3. Tuning Control
  4. DC Input Jack
  5. Headphone / Earphone Socket
  6. Dial Scale Frequency Indicator
  7. Band Selector (AM, FM)
  8. Solar Panel
  9. Antenna
  10. Wrist Strap attachment

Freeplay 360 Questions & Answers

How much charge is delivered to the internal NiCad batteries of S360 on a single wind (approximately 60 turns)?

Once fully wound, it takes approximately six to eight (6-8) minutes to fully discharge. Actual playtime should be fifteen to seventeen (15-17) minutes including both spring power while unwinding and the battery power left over after unwinding. Actual playtime can vary depending on factors such as available light and the volume setting. (The two that I tested at low volume indoors actually lasted fifty (50) minutes and thirty-five (35) minutes respectively.)

How much time is needed in the sun to completely charge the internal NiCad batteries of S360?

Ten (10) hours under direct sunlight will fully charge the internal battery to give fourteen to fifteen (14-15) hours of play. Please note that the time to completely charge the battery in direct sunlight is actually less than the twelve to fourteen (12-14) hours recommended to completely charge the battery with an AC adapter.

Should the battery of the S360 stop working, how much playing time will the crank deliver alone?

The radio will play for as long as it is unwinding, therefore, six to eight (6-8) minutes.

Will the S360’s NiCad battery develop a memory.

Yes, however, it will take approximately six (6) months for the battery to develop a memory. Freeplay suggests that fully charging the unit once every three or four (3 or 4) months will prevent the battery from developing a memory.

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