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How to Cheat on Ham Radio Test? – Cracking The Ham Code

Writen by Edwin Jones

Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how to cheat on ham radio test

When you’re aiming to become a Ham Radio Technician but realize that you have to score at least 74% on the licensure exam, you’d try to find ways to pass it in one take. One good thing about these tests is that there’s already a pool of questions the exam would come from.

Ham Radio Tests are broken down into three levels; Level 1: Technician, Level 2: General, and Level 3: Amateur Extra. Here’s a brief on how to cheat on ham radio test. When I say ‘cheat’ keep in mind that I’m only referring to the effective ways of passing the exam.

How to Cheat on Ham Radio Test?

To pass the exam, the examinee has to pass 74% of the tests. Below is the table of passing scores for each level according to Ham Radio Prep.

Level Passing Score (74%) Total Number of Questions Total Pool of Questions
Level 1: Technician 26 35 412
 Level 2: General 26 35 454
Level 3: Amateur Extra 35 50 622

Some examinees choose to memorize all the possible questions which is amateur cheating without any guarantees of passing the test. It’s tedious work and some resources you can find online may already be obsolete. Here are the alternative ways of cheating the Ham Radio Test.

Way #1 – Creating Ham Radio Cheat Sheet


Step 1: Find Reliable References

When taking the exam, it’s important to have reliable references. Find the latest study material whether from the internet or textbooks. Some websites such as ARRL Exam Review for Ham Radio have resources you can practice on.

Step 2: What to Write on Your Cheat Sheet

Start by writing the formulas, variables, prefixes, and terminologies in a simplified version. This makes it easier for you to make a guide when studying different materials. It’s also advisable to divide your cheat sheets into different topics.

For example, if you are planning to take the Technician exam, there are 10 topic groups. From these, you can extract summaries, and create acronyms for processes and regulations.

Use color codes for your cheat sheet. Some people are visual learners and creating color-coding markers can help absorb the main ideas of each of the topics. Color coding formulas also help in learning and retaining all this information.

Treat your cheatsheet as the complete summary of the exam. It will serve as your foundation to master the topics instead of memorizing them which can take all of your time without much focus and understanding of the concepts.

Below is the topic outline that will give you an idea of the different topics and questions there are.

Category/Topic No. of Questions in the Exam Total Pool of Questions
Commission Rules 6 75
Operating Procedures 5 61
Radio Wave Propagation 3 41
Amateur Practices 5 60
Electrical Principles 4 55
Circuit Components 6 70
Practical Circuits 8 108
Signals and Emissions 4 45
Antennas and Feed Lines 8 96
Safety 1 11

Way #2 – Formula Codes


During the exam, you will only be allowed to bring two pencils, a regular calculator, and blank scratch paper. With time pressure, you might get stuck with mathematical problems that need formulas.

Don’t memorize every formula there is because there are many topics that don’t need solving. Instead, remember the most important formulas such as Voltage, Power, and Current. You can even skip the math questions if you’re 100% sure of your other answers.

Practice writing formulas and key concepts on paper so that when the test starts, you can write up your formula in your paper to save time trying to think about them under time pressure. This will allow you to apply the right formula to the different problems in the exam.

Way #3 – Practice Tests and Question Pools Online


Just like any other exam, consistency is needed. Memorizing the answers will not guarantee you pass the exam. There are many test questions and answers available online so repetition can increase your chances of mastering the questions.

There is no need to hack license test questions because the test pool is readily released to the public. These test pools are then used for four years and revised after.

You can check them out via:

So if you’re running out of time and want to cheat your way to getting that ham radio license, getting practice tests vigorously days before the big day might just land you that passing score.

Remember that taking the Ham Radio License is not just passing the exam, but a certification of being a knowledgeable and skilled operator who can contribute to the amateur radio community.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to study for a Ham Radio Exam?

For entry levels or Technician Exams, 10 hours of studying is recommended. For General License Exams, 20 hours, and for Amateur Extra, 30 hours. However, this will still depend on your previous study and memory capacity.

Should I study more on solving math problems for Ham Radio Exam?

With only 35 questions for the Technician examination and 26 as the passing score, you can skip all the math questions, provided that you have studied and focused on all other topics. However, it is still advisable to familiarize yourself with relevant formulas and equations.

Can you take the Ham Radio Test Online?

Yes, you can take the Ham Radio Test online. This was approved by the FCC back in 2020. However, it depends on the VECs that you have chosen. Some VECs use Zoom meetings to conduct these tests while others still don’t offer remote exams.


How to cheat on ham radio test? While the term “cheating” may sound like a negative action, in the context of passing the Ham Radio Test, it simply refers to the ways and means of passing the exam.

Because test question pools are made available to the public, it’s much easier to get that 74% passing score. You can try effective approaches such as creating a cheat sheet, familiarizing important formula codes, and constant practice tests.

Utilizing these alternative methods can help you prepare and increase your chances of passing the Ham Radio Test in just one attempt.

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