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How to Unlock a GM Theftlock Radio – 3 Effective Ways

Writen by Edwin Jones

Fact checked by Andrew Wright

How to Unlock a GM Theftlock Radio

You might have locked your GM radio accidentally when your car battery died out or got your radio removed for repair. General Motors’ radios newer models are activated with theftlock which locks your radio when it gets disconnected.

Luckily, there are ways to get your radio running again without spending too much. This article will give you a straightforward guide on how to unlock a GM Theftlock radio. Let’s discover the ways how to unlock a GM radio that says locked!

Bypass Theftlock With Radio’s Activation Code


With GM radio’s anti-theft feature, your radio will be locked when your battery dies or when it has been disconnected from your vehicle. The easiest solution is to input the radio’s activation code.

1. Look Up the Owner’s Manual


In your GM’s owner manual, you will have the radio’s activation code which is unique to every vehicle. When you have the code, enter it into your stereo and unlock your radio.

2. Find Your Radio Code Online


If you’ve misplaced the owner’s manual, you can try and find the radio’s activation code online. Simply search for your vehicle and radio unlock code. This could take you to websites or forums that have posted codes for GM vehicles.

Unlocking GM Radio Using the Retrieval Code

The easiest way to disable Theftlock on your GM Radio is to enter a 4-digit retrieval code by doing the following steps:

1. Find the Radio Identification Code


After turning the ignition, your GM radio will be turned on and will display “LOC.” This means that the Theftlock feature has been activated. For the next few steps, grab a paper to take note of the 6-digit code.

Press and hold buttons 1 and 4 together and wait for the 3-digit code to appear. Quickly write this down as the first 3 digits of your radio’s identification code.

However, if you have a Chevy, you can press 2 and 3 together to unlock the Chevy radio lock.

Press the AM/FM button and wait for 3 more digits to appear on display. Quickly write this down as the last 3 digits of your radio’s identification code.

2. Dial in GM’s Toll-free Radio Hotline


After successfully retrieving your radio’s identification code, dial 1-800-537-5140. This will direct you to an automated call. You will be asked for a GM dealer code which is “106010.”

If this doesn’t work, try the following GM radio unlock code list: 620529, 139010, 206053, or 202108

After that, enter the 6-digit code and the dealer access code, and you will receive a 4-digit retrieval code to unlock your radio.

3. Use Your Radio Code to Unlock Your GM Radio


On your radio, press the hour button continuously until it displays the first 2-digits of your anti-theft code. For example, if your 4-digit code is 0309, the first 2 digits are 03. Press the hour button 3 times.

Press your minute button continuously until it displays the last two digits of your radio code. If your code is 0309, press the minute button 9 times.

Finally, click the AM/FM button on your radio. Once it displays “SEC,” you have successfully unlocked your GM radio’s Theflock.

Unlocking GM Radio Theftlock With Autel Scanner


If you swapped or replaced your GM with a factory GM radio, Theftlock will be activated. It’s a good thing that an Autel Scanner can help you unlock the Theftlock feature with the following steps. With only a few dollars, you can successfully unlock your radio.

1. Connect Autel Scanner to Your Vehicle


To connect the Autel scanner to your vehicle, simply attach the VCMI device to the vehicle’s OBD-2 port. Connect the main cable’s female adaptor to the VCMI device to the Autel Scanner, either through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or the USB cable.

2. Operate the Autel Scanner

On your Autel scanner, click DIAGNOTICS and choose GM. It will prompt you to a series of questions according to your GM’s specifications.


In the special functions, click RADIO SETUP. When a pop-up asks if it is a new or existing radio, click YES.

The next prompt will ask if your vehicle is equipped with an up-level radio, simply answer with a YES or NO depending on what you have.

Next, it will ask “Is the vehicle equipped with a regular Production Option UL2?” Click NO.

Lastly, it will ask, Is the vehicle equipped with a regular Production Option UC6? Click NO.

When the scanner says “TEST COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY!” your GM’s Theftlock has been unlocked.

If this doesn’t program doesn’t work, you might have to use the SPS factory programming method for GM by watching this video:


Learning how to unlock a GM Theftlock radio may not be as hard as you think. In fact, there are several ways to unlock this without spending too much. You can use the radio’s activation code, get the retrieval code, or use an Autel Scanner.

However, if none of the mentioned ways has worked for you, you can always contact your GM dealer and get your radio unlocked for a minimal fee.

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