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Which of the Following Will Help Improve Radio Communications?

Writen by Edwin Jones

Fact checked by Andrew Wright

which of the following will help improve radio communications

In daily life, radio is the leading equipment used in most communication activities like television broadcasting, radar, remote control, remote sensing, and other applications.

Sometimes, the unstable transmission or talking with your mask will hinder your work progress. To solve that problem, we came up with ways to improve the problem. So, among the listed methods, which of the following will help improve radio communications. Read ahead to know!

How Can Radio Communication Be Improved?

There are some solutions for you; you should check the antenna, the batteries, the position of the radio, or consider adding a radio enhancement system if needed.

All in all, you should practice before using it, and learn about your equipment well. Check the solutions we gave out above, and they’re all fine. You can try wearing a headset and speaking louder, being direct, and emphasizing important words.

4 Tips to Improve Radio Communications


According to the Nielsen 2019 Audio Today Report, radio is the most widespread reach platform in the United States. Every week, radio reaches more people than television, digital, or mobile.

Here are some tips to improve radio communications you should know:

  • Know your hardware and practice first

Knowing all the ways to operate and small details/ parts of the hardware might save your life — and you might only have one opportunity to get it right, so learn and practice.

  • Check the antenna

The antenna is a vital component of two-way radios. If there is a problem with the antenna, your coverage and range will suffer. Check that the radio’s antenna is not bent, fractured, or otherwise broken to the point that the metal coiled antenna component is visible.

In addition, ensure that the antenna is securely attached to the radio’s antenna connector. If the antenna is not correctly mounted or is damaged, your coverage will be dramatically reduced. Replacing an outdated and broken antenna is a practical and straightforward repair.

  • Check the batteries

Fresh, fully charged batteries will ensure that your radio communicates as far as possible. Unfortunately, batteries in all rechargeable two-way radios that are 1.5 to 2 years old may begin to deteriorate and, as a result, will not keep a charge for as long.

  • Location

The radio range varies depending on where you are. Tall mountains and thick building walls, among other factors, can impact radio range.

This is a particularly urgent issue in some structure areas, but installing an in-building radio augmentation system is always possible to boost overall coverage.

  • Others

Besides, you can consider preparing a radio enhancement system or using a headset as often as possible.

Also, speaking clearly when using a two-way radio is required. Therefore, you should adjust your speaking volume and select crucial words.


If you wonder, which of the following will help improve radio communications? Is it the antenna, batteries, or other issues? You should check them all.

We hope you found these solutions valuable and practical. Since radio is ever-changing and always current, mastering using it is essential. Knowing it well is the first thing that helps you improve communication quality.

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