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What is Mobile Radio Active? Tips to Save Your Battery Phones

Writen by Edwin Jones

Fact checked by Andrew Wright

what is mobile radio active

There is no denying that Android smartphones excel in many areas. They come with a great selection of hardware, slick software interfaces, endless customization possibilities, valuable apps, and more.

Unfortunately, many Android devices have underwhelming battery life. Therefore, finding a way to extend battery life for Android devices is extremely necessary.

So, read until the end to understand what is mobile radio active and how to make your Android battery last longer.

What is Android Mobile Radio Active


Meaning of Android mobile radio active

As we all know, most Android smartphones and tablets have various wireless radio options available; These include cellular radios for connecting to cellular networks, GPS, Wi-Fi radio, and Bluetooth, etc. And, mobile radio active indicates the time that an application uses these wireless radio options.

In fact, these wireless mobile radio communication options can significantly reduce Android battery life if you do not manage and use them wisely.

For example, some applications may require you to enable GPS to determine your location. However, even when you are not using these apps, your phone continues to contact cell towers or satellites near you, and your battery can quickly drain.

How to Turn off Wireless Radio Options

  • The simplest way to prolong your battery life is to turn off all wireless radios when not in use.
  • For example, when you are out of your house, turn off Wi-Fi, so your device doesn’t continue to detect or connect to other networks. On the other hand, when you are no longer using your Bluetooth speaker or headset, turn off Bluetooth; this goes the same for GPS.
  • To prevent these wireless radio options from draining your battery, open “Android Settings,” choose Wireless & networks, and then “uncheck” the boxes next to radio options you do not want to use.
  • If you want to disable GPS, all you need to do is go to “Android Settings,” select “Location & security settings,” and remove the check from the box next to Use GPS Satellites.
  • On the other hand, you should also disable mobile hotspot services your device may offer when you are not using them. You can enable or disable them in the Android Settings menu.

Many Android devices now allow users to create home screen widgets for each wireless radio option. Thanks to that, you do not need to spend too much time every time you want to enable or disable them.

5 Methods to Extend Your Battery Life


Minimizing Unnecessary Notifications

Many people have a habit of turning on unnecessary notifications; Such as new text message notifications, sound or vibration notifications, app notifications, and more. Users should know that those factors gradually drain their Android battery life.

Audible alerts use slightly less power than vibrations. Therefore, any unnecessary vibration alerts should be reduced. To turn off vibrations, open theAndroid Settings” menu and select the “Sound” settings; In the “General” section, click theVibrate” options and choose a setting that reduces your vibration alerts.

In the “General” settings menu, it is possible to reduce the volume of ringtones, media, and alarms to increase battery life. All you need to do is click on “Volume” and make the adjustments.

On the other hand, turning off keyboard feedback can reduce unnecessary vibrations for your device. You can turn off the sound and vibration of your keys by opening the “Android Settings” menu and selecting “Language & keyboard”; Then, open your specific keyboard settings and disable vibrate or sound on keypress.

Reduce Screen Brightness And Timeout

As a rule, the brighter your phone’s screen, the faster your battery drains. Therefore, you can set a low brightness for the screen to save energy. In addition, it is wise to let your phone’s screen turn itself off when not in use.

Open the “Android Settings” menu and select “Display.” Recent versions of Android OS all have the “Automatic Brightness” option. This option automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness based on ambient light levels. Unfortunately,  the “Automatic Brightness” option can drain your battery by randomly increasing the screen brightness. Hence, we recommend that you disable this option.

On the other hand, to reduce the screen timeout, open the “Screen Timeout” menu in “Android Settings” and choose a low value.

Remove Unnecessary Apps, Services, Widgets that Drain Your Battery

For example, you have activated seven email accounts on your smartphone while using only two of them regularly; That can drain battery life. The same can happen when unnecessary apps update themselves.

So, you should only link your essential email or social media accounts that you use regularly. Also, it is a good idea to consider removing unnecessary applications or turning off their auto-update mode.

Charge Your Phone Continuously and Always Carry a Power Bank

While this may sound ridiculous, it is possible to charge your Android device whenever possible. That means you can charge your phone not only when the capacity is below 50% and about to power off, etc. So it is a good idea to carry a power bank with you to charge your phone anywhere and anytime. I find high-quality Android power banks at reputable e-commerce sites like

Clean Android Battery Connections Regularly

On the inside of your Android device, battery connections can accumulate dust over time, affecting power transfer to the device’s hardware.

Therefore, it is best to remove the battery and clean the small metal parts and metal prongs inside the battery slot regularly. However, keep in mind that these prongs are very fragile; So they can break easily.

Also, your battery will become less efficient over time, and this is inevitable. Thus, if your battery has lasted a year or more, you may need to replace it.

Bottom Lines

Hopefully, this article can help you answer “what is mobile radio active?” and “what does mobile radio active mean?” And not only that, by sticking to the tips mentioned above, you can extend the battery life of your Android device.

Also, you can read this article for more security best practices for Android devices. If you find our answers and tips helpful, feel free to share them. Thank you!

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