The FreeCharge Weza: Portable Energy Source

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

The FreeCharge Weza is a versatile, robust energy source providing totally dependable power for emergency situations and everyday use in remote applications. The FreeCharge features an internal rechargeable lead acid battery capable of jump starting a range of vehicle and boat outboard engines, as well as powering a range of other devices.

The FreeCharge can be recharged from either an AC or DC source e.g. wall, solar, wind (solar and wind options not supplied) and, in emergency situations, using the step treadle. The FreeCharge will accept 110V to 240V AC and DC inputs from 10.7V to 21V.

The FreeCharge has an output rating of 400 amps and can jump-start a wide range of automotive and marine engines. FreeCharge can also be used to power electronic equipment, including navigation devices via its 12 V DC cigarette lighter output socket.

The FreeCharge, has foldable stabilizer arms, making it easily portable and able to be stowed neatly, making it ideal for boats, motor homes and campers.

Product Features

  • Step Treadle for power anytime anywhere

  • Recharge at home or on the move from AC or DC power sources

  • Provides power to products via the 12 V DC cigarette lighter adapter

  • Can Jump-start marine and automobile engines

  • LED display bar for convenient battery level indication

  • LED display bar for input effort level indication

  • Contains a sealed, non-spill, 7 amp-hour lead acid battery

  • Specifically designed for user serviceability

  • Dedicated product support from Freeplay

  • 2 year warrant


  • Jumper Cables – AC Charging Adapter for recharging from a standard wall outlet

  • DC Charging Cable for recharging from your vehicle or boat

  • Water resistant carry bag with accessory pouches (Reflective material strips, and leash)

  • Service tool kit
Typical Performance Characteristics (Results may vary between devices and are guidelines only)5 Minute Step Charge*Fully Charged
Cell phone (1 Watt) 2 hrs 10min 70 hrs
Satellite phone (6 Watt) 20min 12 hrs
Portable DVD Player (12Watt) 10min6 hrs
PDA (1 Watt) 2 hrs 10min 70 hrs
Handheld GPS (0.8 Watt) 2 hrs 35min 87 hrs
12V Portable Television 14” (40 Watt) 3min1 hr 45min
12V GPS (5.5 Watt) 22min 12 hr 40min
12V Search Light (100 Watt) 2min40min
Laptop Computer (65 Watt)** 2min 20 sec 1 hr
60W Light Bulb (60 Watt)** 2min 30 sec 1 hr 10min
Jump Start Performance***
Results will vary between engine size and configuration
Vehicle (4 Cylinder)
Outboard Engine (85 Hp)
(2 second crank period)
1 Cycle 10 Cycles
  • Step charge characterized by an average 30 Watt delivery (50 – 60 steps per minute)
  • ** To be powered through an inverter (not supplied), performance may vary from model to model
  • *** When step charging according to operating instruction recommendation for flat Weza and flat, un-damaged vehicle battery


Freeplay’s new Weza is a solid, foot-powered energy source really pumps out the juice at up to a 40-watt rate to charge its own internal battery for direct 12-volt power. To charge it, you simply step down on the pedal and the generator spins. Charging to full power takes modest dedication.

Power outputs include negative and positive posts with a set of jumper cables and a cigarette lighter output. A line of LED’s gives you your charge rate while pedaling and battery level with the touch of a button. AC adapter included. Weight: 20.5 lbs. Size: 8.5″ W x 11.1″ H x 17.25″ D, with 66″ jumper cables.

  • No disposable batteries required
  • Self-sufficient power – AC/DC, step treadle
  • Powers products via 12 V DC cigarette lighter adapter
  • LED display bar for battery level indication
  • Can jump start automobile motors, boats, ATV’s
  • Recharge from AC or DC power sources
  • Includes: jumper cables, AC/DC charger, service tool kit, & waterproof carrying bag
  • Weight: 17.75 lbs. with battery