Sangean High Performance Short Wave and Pocket Radios


The ATS 909 has the highest performance of any small portable radio made today. Audio is excellent for its size. Fine craftsmanship makes it a pleasure to carry with you. One button will put all of the local stations automatically into memory. Adjustable tuning increments allow precise tuning of stations. Comes pre-programmed with many popular SW stations. Each one of its 29 pages can be identified with an alpha description. If an FM station is using RDS their call letters will automatically appear on the screen.

SANGEAN ATS 818cs (with tape recorder)

This is a general coverage shortwave receiver with a built-in cassette recorder.

Programmable recorder; Auto-stop cassette (no auto-reverse) can be set to turn on and record at a preset time.

It is the best all purpose radio with a cassette player made today.


The Sangean ATS 808A is a very well crafted radio with exceptional AM performance. It is surprisingly similar to the ATS 909 in performance, however it lacks single-side-band capability (for listening to amateur broadcasts) and a lighted dial. It has 54 station presets and full clock and sleep timer functions with choice of buzzer or radio alarm


If small size is as important as performance, then the updated ATS606A is the best. We have had many reports that our customers favor this radio over a similar $400.00 model. It is a direct entry shortwave radio that tunes continuously from 153 to 29,999Khz. It has 54 memory presets to store your favorite stations. One button will put all of the local stations automatically into memory. Other features include: Dual time and lighted display, Local/DX selection, Dual Alarm, and Sleep timer.


Never before has there been such a high quality AM/FM, full shortwave coverage radio with sideband for such a low price! The newest radio from Sangean has unbelievable performance and superb audio quality. It features: Continuous all band shortwave coverage, finely engineered BFO for sideband, direct entry keypad, auto/manual scan, 45 memory presets, automatic memory search and store, external antenna jack, headphone jack, tone control, dual time clock with alarm, adjustable sleep timer and a lighted LCD display. Includes carrying case and earbuds.


The ATS-404 has continuous coverage from 2.3 MHz through 26.1 MHz and has 45 memory presets. Features include a dual 24 hour clock, alarm, sleep timer, tone control, band scan and lighted display. There is also a memory scan function that could be helpful when you only want to scan a certain set of stations.


This low cost radio from Sangean has surprising performance.

The quality of the SG-622 radio is amazing. User friendly, great for beginners.

SANGEAN DT-300vw Pocket Radio

The Sangean DT-300VW is a marvel of miniaturization. A pocket-sized digital receiver that receives AM, FM, FM Stereo, VHF TV audio and the weather band! Use this radio at home, at work or while outdoors as an excellent source of information during bad weather. 36 presets are provided to store your favorite stations. Tuning on all bands is easy with up and down buttons. Tiny enough to fit in a shirt pocket, this mini wonder gives you AM, FM, TV and the NOAA weather band.

SANGEAN Short wave antenna ANT-60

The SANGEAN ANT-60 portable Short Wave Antenna will improve the performance and reception of your Short Wave Radio and will easily outperform its built-in telescoping antenna. Its antenna wire may be extended to a full 23 feet (7 meters) and when not in use it may be easily rewound into its case to fit neatly in your shirt pocket.