Sangean ATS 909 Short Wave Radio

This product is no longer available

The ATS 909 has the highest performance of any small portable radio made today. Audio is excellent for its size. Fine craftsmanship makes it a pleasure to carry with you. One button will put all of the local stations automatically into memory.

Adjustable tuning increments allow precise tuning of stations. Comes pre-programmed with many popular SW stations. Each one of its 29 pages can be identified with an alpha description.

If an FM station is using RDS their call letters will automatically appear on the screen. The antenna jack is grounded making it suitable for a two wire antenna system. Includes AC Adapter and Short wave antenna.

Features and Specifications


  • 261 Short Wave Frequencies on 29 separate pages, preprogramming at our factory with the world’s most popular shortwave stations, allowing instant access to the world of shortwave listening.
  • 18 AM stations on 2 pages for your favorite AM listening.
  • 18 FM stations on 2 pages for your favorite FM listening.
  • 9 LW stations on 1 page.
    You can easily add or change stations at any time.



  • Direct Frequency Input using key pad
  • Auto-Scanning automatically scans and stops at every station
  • Manual Scanning
  • Memory Recall
  • Rotary Tuning

ATS – AUTO-TUNE SYSTEM – Automatically searches & presets all your memory channels on LW/AM/FM based upon signal strength of the stations

AUTO SW SEARCH – Automatically selects strongest SW station on each SW page.


SWITCH – Stereo icon appears in display when headphones are connected.

MANUAL ALPHANUMERIC EDITING – Allows user to insert any 8 alphanumeric characters in display for station identification.

SINGLE SIDE BAND RECEPTION – True LSB/USB selection with variable tuning down to 40HZ fine tuning.

RF GAIN CONTROL – Controls gain of incoming signal to reduce adjacent station interference

42 WORLD CITY TIMES – Instantly displays preprogrammed time in 42 world cities. Also allows user to program additional cities.

DUAL TIME SYSTEM – Allows monitoring of Real Time and any additional world time zone simultaneously.

SELECTABLE MANUAL TUNE STEPS – Allows tuning steps from 100kHz down to 40kHz.

FUNCTION ICON LCD DISPLAY – Displays shows all features selected and active.

FULL RDS RECEPTION – Displays station call letters and correct time for any station transmitting an RDS signal.

DIRECT KEY – Recall your favorite station from anywhere by just pushing one button.

WIDE/NARROW FILTER – Reduces adjacent station interference


9KHZ/10KHZ SWITCH – Allows correct frequency indication for overseas reception

LCD DISPLAY – Light remains on for 12 seconds or continuously when AC adapter is used.

LOCK SWITCH – Locks all functions to prevent accidental altering. Each stations may also be locked individually.


JACKS – Allows user to program tape recorder to turn on at 3 different times.


PRESET SWITCH – Resets the time and microprocessor only. All memory presets remain intact.

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME SWITCH – Single switch changes all times automatically to DST eliminating necessity to reprogram all times in receiver.

3 INDIVIDUAL TIMERS – Allows user to set wake up radio or buzzer to 3 different & independent items. Each time can use a different station.

ADJUSTABLE SLEEP TIMER – Adjustable from 90 minutes to 10 minutes

AC Adapter & Portable SW Antenna included

SIZE: – 8 1/4″ x 5″ x 1.5″

WEIGHT: 30 oz

BATTERIES: 4 x 1.5 Volt (AA)