The revolution Eco Wind-Up Media Player

The revolution Eco Media Player can be entirely powered by windup technology.

By doing away with the need for replacement batteries that would otherwise go to landfill sites, the revolution Eco Media Player makes a significant contribution to the environment and the carbon footprint of personal consumer devices.

  • MP3 music player

  • MP4 video player

  • FM radio

  • Phone charger

  • Photo viewer

  • Text file viewer

  • Hi-fi recorder

  • Memo recorder

  • LED flashlight

  • USB data store

The revolution Eco Media Player is a feature-rich gadget of the highest standard.

Personally energize this amazing little pocket device, and it will reward you with 24-bit hi fidelity playback of all the major music formats including Apple® AAC, Microsoft® WMA, mp3, and OGG Vorbis.

Organize your play lists as you wish, by Favourites / Artists / Albums / Genre etc.

Movie playback supports MP4 (H.264) and Windows® WMV formats, for superb, glitch-free personal enjoyment of all those great music-videos and feature films.

The internal 4Gb or 8Gb memory can hold around 2,000 or 4,000 songs respectively – and if that’s not enough, there’s an SD card slot too!

Want to keep up to date whilst on the move? the revolution Eco Media Player even includes a quality stereo FM radio, and you can record your favourite shows to enjoy later.

With built-in photo album support you can take your cherished pictures around with you – and even set up a slide-show, zoom in and pan around.

OK, so you’ve got a long bus ride ahead?

Why not load up a few novels to read on the super clear text display – you can even save a bookmark so you can pick up where you left off.. and if you prefer someone else to read for you, audio books from AUDIBLE are supported.. and if your mobile phone dies, revolution can crank it up for that vital call.

Enjoy all your media, anytime, anyplace!

  • Recharge by crank or USB
  • Over 23 hours play from full charge
  • 40 minutes play from each minute of cranking


DUAL Power System

Internal Lithium Ion battery can be recharged fully via PC / Laptop USB port, or internal ECO-Dynamo system which provides approximately 45 minutes audio play time for each 1 minute of winding. Max play time: 50 hours.

PHONE Charger

Emergency charger for popular mobile phones. Simply connect phone to the Eco Media Player with the provided connector and wind the generator to charge.

SUPER-Bright Flashlight

High intensity latest technology LED

AUDIO Stereo System

Super Hi-Fi audio reproduction of:- mp3, wma, wav, ogg, Apple AAC. Stereo 3.5mm headphone jack. High quality headphones included. Built-in mono loudspeaker.

AUDIO Recording

Stereo Line-in digital recording of external analogue devices such as tape decks, record players*, other audio sources. Encodes to wav. Selectable recording quality of 8k, 16k, 32k Hertz. . Includes pre-amp for recording directly from an external microphone or a turntable.

VIDEO Player

Plays movies in full colour and with excellent audio reproduction. Supported formats:- AVI (Xvid H.264 encoded), and also WMV (WMV9 format) (other formats supported via conversion utility). Colour LCD screen 2.0″ (220×176)

FM Stereo Radio

Super on-chip PLL FM radio with digital precision tuning. 87.5 Mhz – 108Mhz. with recording to internal memory so that you can listen to your favourite programs whenever you want.

PHOTO Viewer

View photos in high quality on the 2″ colour screen. Slide show facility with adjustable interval. Supports:- jpeg, bmp, gif images – including animations. Includes the ability to zoom and pan images.

VOICE Recorder

Record voice memos quickly and easily via built-in microphone

MEMORY Management

When connected via USB, the device is registered as a “removable disk” and you can drag-and-drop files via the usual Windows Explorer interface. When connected via USB with Windows Media Player 10 (or later), the device automatically switches to Microsoft MTP mode which permits automatic integration of your Windows Media Player music library.
SD cards up to 4GB are supported (FAT32 format) – “SD-HC” cards are NOT supported. Stores around 250 tracks per 1Gb of memory.


Includes auto-recoil USB cable and supports High Speed USB 2.0 data transfer.
Includes 3.5mm Stereo Jack lead for audio line-in.
Includes auto-recoil phone charge lead and assorted adapters

revolution Eco Media Player and Apple iPod NANO Comparison Chart

Feature revolution Eco Media Player Apple iPod NANO
Graphical User Interface Yes, Fast Yes, Fast
Audio play MP3, AAC**, WMA**, WAV, OGG, Audible AAC, MP3, Audible, WAV, AIFF
Video play AVI MP4 (H.264), WMV MP4 (H.264), MOV
Photo view BMP, JPEG, GIF All formats via iTunes utility
Photo view options Slide Show, Zoom, Pan, Thumbnail listings Slide Show, Thumbnail Listings
Book view .TXT (Bookmark Facility) No
LCD screen (2”) 220×176 pixels 30fps (2”) 320×240 pixels 30fps
FM radio Stereo 85 -> 108 Mhz No
Record FM radio to MP3 High Quality Hi-Fi stereo encoding No
Stereo line-in recording
from Hi-Fi
High Quality Hi-Fi stereo encoding No
Record direct from vinyl turntable Yes No
Record from any external microphone Broadcast Quality encoding No
Voice memo record
from internal microphone
Yes No
Memory type Flash 4GB or 8GB Flash 4GB or 8GB
SD card expansion Yes SD/HC up to 8GB No
Integrates with Windows Media Player Supports sync, drag & drop & automatic play list management No
On-board Play list management Yes Yes
USB 2.0 Yes Yes
Built-in flashlight Yes No
High efficiency 3-phase
power generator
40 mins play for 1 min crank No
Integrated cell phone charger 3 mins talk for 1 min crank No
USB charge function Full Charge in 5 Hours Full Charge in 3 Hours
Max audio play time
from full charge
22 Hours 24 Hours
Platforms Windows XP, Vista, MAC OSX, Linux Windows XP, Vista, MAC OSX, Linux
Earphones Included Yes Yes
USB 2.0 lead included Yes Yes
Nokia phone charge cable
+ 4 phone tips included
Yes No