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How to Reset Car Radio Without Code – Beginners Tutorial

Writen by Edwin Jones

Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how to reset car radio without code

On a beautiful day, you drive out and turn on your in-car radio to enjoy familiar music. But, unfortunately, your radio system is locked. That could be the result of a security system. This system works to prevent thieves from accessing the car’s audio, and in this case, it got you in trouble.

Do not worry! You can fix this common problem yourself. Our article provides complete information to help you quickly reset your car radio to enjoy your exciting music. So let’s find out how to reset car radio without code.

Things You Need Before Resetting Car Radio

It is possible to reset the car radio without code. By following these steps, you can get satisfactory results without spending time and money.

  • Search for the code in the owner’s manual
  • Search for the code at the manufacturer’s website
  • Get Help From the Customer Care Department
  • Go to the local dealership
  • Contact a car radio installation center near you

Steps to Reset a Car Radio Without Code


1. Search for the Radio Reset Code in the Owner’s Manual

To find the radio security code, you should start by looking for the owner’s booklet of the vehicle. Try to find it in the glove box first.

The owner’s booklet often includes detailed instructions on operating each system and tips for maintaining your car. Usually, it includes listed categories. Focus on the radio, security, or stereo sections to find the information you need.

In general, you will most likely find the radio security code in your owner’s manual. Manufacturers usually print the car radio code on a plastic card or cardboard on your owner’s manual.


No matter what car you buy, do not forget to make sure that it comes with the owner’s booklet. On the other hand, if you buy back a used car, don’t forget to ask the former owner about the radio reset code.

2. Search for the Radio Reset Code at the Website of the Manufacturer

If you can’t find the owner’s booklet or the radio security code is not available in the owner’s booklet, it’s time to visit the manufacturer’s website. In most cases, the manufacturer’s website can help you get the car radio code for free.

Most car brands offer websites where you can find all the data related to your vehicle. In addition, their websites often have a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) section available. The FAQs section is where you can find solutions to common problems, possibly including how to unlock a car radio code for free.

But, unfortunately, you cannot apply this step on an upgraded or aftermarket radio.


Many websites promise to provide free access to your car radio codes. You should take precautions when using them, especially if they ask for your credit card details.

There are reputable websites that offer this kind of service. However, the majority of them are malicious websites. Therefore, if you are not alert, you can become a victim of scammers.

3. Get Help From the Customer Care Department

If step one and step two did not work for you, you should try contacting the company’s customer care department. In most cases, they can give you helpful answers right away.

There are several common ways to contact the company’s customer care department, including:

  • Live chat
  • Phone
  • Email

If the live chat feature is available, you should use it to get instant feedback.

This way, you can get a stereo security code by entering your vehicle’s parameters such as the brand, model, serial number, vehicle year, the part number of the radio, and more.


To get the serial number, part number of your radio, and more, you usually need to remove it.

As a result, if you are not sure about installing a car stereo yourself, it is best to take your car to your local dealer and get help.

4. Go to the Dealership Near You

If the steps mentioned do not help you solve the problem, you need to drive to the local dealer where you bought the car. Alternatively, you can go to any local dealer of the manufacturer.

For example, if you have a Mazda CX 5, you can go to any local Mazda dealer around you.

On the other hand, it is possible to get the radio security code from cooperating dealers. For example, you can get the audio security code for Lexus from Toyota, Infinity from Nissan, Acura from Honda, and more. However, you need to provide your vehicle registration to show that the car belongs to you.


Unfortunately, you must pay a fee to the local dealership. This fee is different among brands. Usually, it can cost you $30 – $50 to get the radio security code.

Read more: Steps to reset radio on Mazda, Lexus, Hyundai and etc.

5. Contact a Car Radio Repair Center

If you have applied the above steps and still aren’t getting your car radio code, your only option is to go to the car radio repair center near you. In most cases, they can unlock the radio for you.


You can use Google maps to find the nearest car radio installation center. Then you need to take your vehicle to them for help. They will use special tools or methods to unlock your car radio. This way might work for you if you own an aftermarket radio.

Of course, they usually charge for this service.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Should I replace the car radio after it is locked?

You can unlock the radio yourself or take it to a car dealership or a car radio repair center. Replacing the radio is expensive.

2. Where is the radio security code usually located in the owner’s booklet?

The answer depends on your vehicle type.

In most cases, you can find the radio security code in the stereo, radio, or security sections.

In addition, you will probably find it on a small card in your owner’s booklet. Sometimes, the manufacturer can print it on a sticker inside the glove box.

3. What is the most common way to find the radio security code for the car?

In most cases, you can get the radio security code in the owner’s manual. It would be best if you tried to find it in the car glove box first. Once you have found this manual, check the security, radio, or stereo section.

If this way does not work for you, try visiting the manufacturer’s website.

4. How can I unlock the radio?

If your radio shows CODE or LOC on the screen, your audio system is locked. Do not worry! You can quickly solve this problem.

Let’s start by retrieving the stereo security code. After that, you need to turn on your ignition, and do not forget to press the power button. Finally, if you are asked for a code, enter it to unlock your radio system.

5. What can happen right after replacing the battery?

If you insert a new battery the wrong way or insert the wrong battery, you can damage car parts, including the radio.

Suffered fuse

After replacing the battery, you can damage the fuse in your radio system when you start the car. As a result, your radio may stop working.

To check for a damaged radio fuse, you need to start with disconnecting your car battery. Then you need to open the fuse holder and check each fuse. If you find any damaged fuses, you need to replace them.

Your radio is locked because of the security feature

Changing the battery activates the security feature. In most cases, this feature helps prevent others from accessing your vehicle’s computer module. However, it can accidentally get you into trouble.

If the car radio is locked, it will show LOC on the display. In this case, you have to enter the radio security code to unlock it. You can find radio codes in the ways mentioned in this article.

Improper car battery installation may damage your radio

In this case, it is best to go to your local dealer to get help. If your radio is damaged inside, you need to replace it.

6. How can I reset car radio after battery change?

First, you need to find the radio security code in the owner’s manual or official website. After receiving the code, you need to switch the ignition to the On position.

Do not forget to press the radio power button. If the screen shows “Code,” you need to enter the radio security code and complete the reset process.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article can provide you with all the necessary information and tips on how to reset car radio without code.

In general, when it comes to resetting a car radio, the popular way is to use the owner’s manual or visit the manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, you can also go to a car dealership or a car radio repair center if your condition is more serious.

Thank you for your reading, and see you in other valuable articles!

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