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Radio Stays On When Car is Off And Door is Open: Problem Solved

Writen by Edwin Jones

Fact checked by Andrew Wright

radio stays on when car is off and door is open

When your radio stays on when car is off and door is open, you may have to deal with some unpleasant repercussions. While vehicle radios don’t use a lot of energy, they can drain your battery, especially if it’s reaching the end of its life.

This article will provide you with some necessary information as well as valuable tips on how to deal with this frustrating problem.

Why Radio Stays on When Car is Off And Door is Open


Your automobile radio system won’t switch off for a variety of reasons. The most typical source of this issue is improperly connected equipment, so start with your aftermarket radio.

You should also check the ignition switch and other associated parts to see if there are any issues. Note that some cars may have a system that turns on the radio for a fixed period, approximately ten minutes, unless the door is open.

The following are some of the most typical reasons why the car radio wont turn off when door opens:

  • Head unit wiring: When you have the aforementioned problem, the first thing you should consider is if the wiring for the head unit was properly done from the start of the device installation.
  • Key and ignition cylinder: If your ignition cylinder is worn out, you may think it’s in the off position when it’s in the operating position instead.
  • Default radio mechanism: Some automobiles feature a system that allows them to maintain specific tasks for a pre-programmed amount of time. This includes keeping the radio on for a fixed period. As a result, if this element of your automobile is broken, you should get expert help immediately rather than attempting to repair it yourself, as this might exacerbate the problem.
  • Ignition switch: Even if your ignition switch isn’t working, there might still be enough electricity to run the accessory of the car.

How to Turn Off a Non-Turning Car Radio


Check out the below process to rule out each possible cause for why radio wont turn off when I open door. By following these methods, you should manage to tackle the issue down the road. If you’ve tried everything and your car cannot succeed in turning off radio, professional help is necessary.

Step 1: Inspect the head unit wiring

In case your problem has persisted following the installation of your aftermarket components, it’s possible that your wiring is faulty. A vehicle radio usually has a ground wire as well as two power cables.

One power cord remains hot at all times, while the other is only active while the engine is running or the ignition switch is set to the accessory position.

Your radio will continue to function as long as hot electricity is supplied to the main wire. A voltmeter or a test light can be used to check for this. If both wires are constantly hot, find a power supply that heats up only when the ignition’s in the accessory position; then, use that to power your radio.

Step 2: Take a look at the ignition switch

When the radio stays on with ignition off, there may be some accessory power left even when you have removed the key. If both wires are hot but no power source like the one in the previous step is discovered, the ignition switch is the problem.

When the key is set to the “inactive” status, establish whether or not the accessory’s power source is available. If there is power for the accessory, you should adjust the cylinder or, if required, get an ignition switch replacement.

Step 3: Mind your ignition cylinder and key

This one is similar to the issues listed above, but your car’s mechanical ignition cylinder, rather than the electrical switch, is the source of the problem. Check to see whether your key or ignition cylinder turns out to be worn. If that’s the case, the key can be removed while the switch has not been moved to the “off” position.

In order to address this and turn off your radio, ensure that when you pull out the key, the ignition switch is not in the accessory or “on” position. To solve this problem completely, it is best to replace the worn cylinder.

Step 4: Check if your radio can stay on for a specific period

Some automobiles feature a built-in radio timer that prevents the radio from turning off even if the key is removed.

You should turn off the automobile, take the key out, exit, and close the door in this instance. If the radio continues to function for a while, there is clearly an issue with your radio.

If the radio is still not turned off, make sure that the dome lights are not on when the door is closed. If the dome light doesn’t switch off, it’s your door switch’s problem. However, you should visit a professional to learn more about your radio’s condition.

Bonus Explanation: How Can An Ignition Switch Keep a Radio From Turning Off

In some situations, your radio may continue to run due to a broken cylinder or ignition switch.

Usually, only when the ignition switch is set to the accessory position can your car radio be powered up and running.

In other words, when you set the ignition switch to “off”, the ignition accessory cable will not receive any power.

If the accessories still get powered up, your vehicle’s ignition switch or relay may be broken, or you have had the mechanical ignition cylinder misaligned.

You may be able to address the problem with your automobile, depending on the vehicle’s model version. As a result, you must consult the wiring diagram to verify correctness.


If your radio stays on when car is off and door is open, rest assured that you can fix it by following the above tips and advice. Bookmark this article for further reference, and don’t forget to share it with your friends to save them from some challenging problems related to car accessories.

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