Freeplay Windup Jonta 1-Watt Super Bright LED Flashlight

The Freeplay Jonta Flashlight is the ultimate human powered flashlight, packed with digital features and delivering excellent beam quality, brightness and shine time performance. Built on trusted and failsafe Freeplay self-charge technology, the Freeplay Jonta incorporates state-of-the-art Luxeon 1 Watt Star LED illumination and intelligent circuitry – all without the need for replaceable batteries. Designed for absolute reliability, the self-charge system offers maximum dependability for those times when you can’t afford to be left in the dark by dead batteries. A quick wind of about 60 seconds gives approximately 10 minutes of light in energy saving mode – and you can wind again at any time for as much shine-time as you want. A charge level indicator tells you the optimal winding speed.

When fully charged, the lantern provides up to 12 hours of continuous ultra bright light. This recharge system provides an optimum charge to the batteries, ensuring superior battery performance. Microprocessor driven charge circuitry fully charges the Jonta in 6 hours. A choice of 3 light settings offers flexibility for everyday use, and emergency situations. An energy saving mode allows you to use the flashlight for extended periods at a reduced brightness, select maximum power where the ultra-bright beam is required or the flashing beacon for distress signaling. The beam is useful for illuminating surfaces up to 50 m away, and has a signal visibility over 3 km. The digital control circuit offers many other useful features including battery level indication, mode indication and a low battery warning that lets you know when to crank further to avoid being left in the dark.

Internal mechanical components are specified to industrial standards for repeated use and long life. The solid state LED has a lifetime of up to 100 000 hours, ensuring that it, like the batteries, should never require replacement. The Freeplay Jonta, incorporating Freeplay’s self-sufficient energy technology, is the most dependable performance flashlight on the market.

The Freeplay Jonta is the last flashlight you will every buy. Using state of the art in super bright LED technology, and independent of replaceable batteries and external power sources, the Jonta is built for reliability and dependability

The windup mechanism is the world’s most efficient human energy conversion system. The winder can be cranked in both directions and the harder you crank, the more energy you create. A crank level LED indicates the optimum winding speed, but the only limitation to how much energy you can create and store is you.

The Jonta is equipped with an AC/DC power in facility that allows you to charge the radio and run it from wall power for added convenience. A 12 hour charge fully charges the flashlight.

The Jonta drives a microprocessor controlled 1 watt super bright LED. A choice between “energy saving” and “full power” allows the user to choose shine time over light performance. A third light setting offers a flashing beam that is ideal for emergency signaling. The excellent beam quality from the Jonta maintains focus at over 50 yards.

The state of the art 1-watt super bright LED has a useful life of up to 100,000 hours and as brightly as a powerful incandescent bulb at a fraction of the power.

The Jonta’s tight, focused beam can illuminate objects up to 50 yards away. 1 Watt Luxeon LED Bulb, with built-in NiMH battery.

Three modes of use:

  1. Energy Saving Low Light
  2. Maximum-powered Ultra-bright Beam
  3. Flashing Strobe

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  • No Disposable Batteries Required
  • Self-sufficient power – wind up and AC/DC adaptor
  • 3 light setting – High, energy saving and emergency flash
  • 1 watt Luxeon Star super-bright LED
  • 24 hours of shine time on full charge (energy saving beam)
  • 30-second wind – 10 minutes of shine time (energy saving beam)
  • Ni-MH rechargeable battery


  • Green energy – a sustainable solution that’s built to last. The power mechanism is tested to 500 000 input cycles, and the LED is rated up to 100 000 hours or 11 years of continuous use (24 hours a day).

  • The Jonta offers independence from the grid and disposable batteries, which means you’ll never be without light.

  • When your batteries run out and you need to wind for power, the Freeplay self-charge mechanism converts over 74% of your kinetic energy into stored electricity.

  • Multiple lighting modes make the Jonta useful in practically any situation where a flashlight is required – emergencies or everyday use.

  • Excellent beam retention over long distances makes Jonta an excellent spotlight and signaling flashlight.

  • An included lanyard strap allows you to hold the Jonta securely around your wrist when you need both hands for other things.

  • The plastic molding makes it easy to carry and use when it is cold.
    Microprocessor control ensures digital precision in battery charging and LED driving circuitry, ensuring optimum performance and long life.

  • A great lighting solution to teach your kids about the value of green energy – and show them how their own energy can provide them with all of their lighting needs.

  • Single button control for simple and intuitive actuation of the LED.
    Lasts virtually forever.

Product Features

  • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery built in
  • Built-in crank means never running out of power
  • Microprocessor-controlled ultra-bright 1 Watt LED never requires replacement
  • Three beam settings: Energy Saving, Full Power, and Flash
  • Effective beam over 50 m (55 yards)
  • Signal visibility over 3 km (nearly 2 miles)
  • Optimum charge level indicator
  • Low battery level warning
  • Lanyard strap