FREEPLAY 2020 Windup Flashlight

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

The Freeplay 2020 is the only flashlight you will ever need. This revolutionary product incorporates the latest in self-powered technology, plus it provides a recharge option for everyday use.

The Freeplay 2020 houses two independent systems in one compact unit. A windup flashlight that offers maximum dependability for those times that you need light immediately, and a rechargeable flashlight that provides an intense beam everyday use.

The windup system is a battery-free light source ideal for situations when recharging is not an option. In windup mode the 2020 stores the power of it’s user in a special spring.

The power is released and converted into electricity, which is used to energize a cluster of white solid-state light emitting diodes (LED’s) which have a life exceeding 100,000 hours.

The combination of LED’s and windup provides assured light and ultimate dependability. A full wind (60 turns) will provide illumination for approximately 10 minutes. The 2020 may be wound and rewound as required.

The rechargeable system comprises a 1000mA Xenon-filled bulb and a high capacity Nickel Metal Hydride battery. A fully charged battery provides a shine time of about 45 minutes.


Power Source

Spring Engine:
Textured carbon steel spring, driving a DC generator through a transmission. Approximately 60 turns provides full energy storage. Lifetime of the spring is in excess of 10,000 cycles.

Rechargeable Battery:
The flashlight is equipped with a 1000 mAh rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery. This is charged by an AC/DC adapter (included) plugged into the socket on the rear of the flashlight. Although the rechargeable battery should provide years of use, it is removable and replaceable if necessary.


Battery Mode:
A fully charged battery provides a shine time of approximately 45 minutes.

Spring Engine:
A full spring wind (60 turns) provides a LED shine time of approximately 10 minutes.

Light Source

A high efficiency Xenon-filled buld designed especially for the Freeplay 2020. (one spare bulb is included)

Indium Gallium Nitride ultra-bright white Light Emitting Diodes. These LED’s never need replacing.


weight2 lbs 2oz1.1kg