What to do after an earthquake

After an earthquake or any disaster, Remain Calm. Take charge of others.

Be part of the solution, not the problem. Deal with life-threatening situations first.

Put on sturdy shoes and clothing to avoid injury from debris and broken glass.

Check yourself for injuries. Take care or yourself first, then help others.

Stay off the phone unless there is a serious emergency.

Examine your home for damage or other dangers. Do not re-enter if it is unsafe.

Check utilities with wind-up flashlight. Do not shut them off unless damaged.

Do not light matches or turn on light switches until you are certain there are no gas leaks or flammable liquids spilled. A gas leak smells of rotten eggs.

If tap water is available, fill bathtub or other containers in case the supply gets cut off. If there is no running water, you may have water in a hot water tank or toilet. Do not use toilets if sewer lines are broken or you have no water.

Carefully clean up any spilled hazardous materials. Wear proper protection.

If you have to leave your home, take your evacuation pack with you. Post a message in clear view where you can be found.

Place a HELP sign in your window if you need help or an OK sign if you don’t.

Listen to your wind-up radio (or car radio) for instructions from officials.

Do not use your vehicle, unless you have to. Keep roads clear for emergency vehicles.

Do not get out of your car if power lines are across it. Wait to be rescued. Stay at least 10 meters away from downed power lines.

Avoid waterfront areas in case of a tsunami. If a tsunami warning is issued, follow evacuation instructions immediately.

Find and comfort your pets. Confine them at home if you must leave.

Check on your neighbours after looking after members of your own household. Organize rescue measures if people are trapped.

Cook perishable foods first. Foods in the freezer will keep for a couple of days without power if the door is not opened frequently. If perishable foods are not refrigerated for 24 hours, discard them. You don’t need to get sick.

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