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How to Change Time on Bose Radio? – A Detailed Guide

Writen by Edwin Jones

Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how to change time on bose radio

Bose is one of the best radio brands. From sound quality to durability, it is known for many things. More than listening to music, you can also use it for other things, such as a clock. As such, you are probably wondering about one thing – how to change time on Bose Radio.

To set the Bose clock, turn the radio on, press the Clock button, and move the Tuning Up or Tuning Down buttons to change the hour and minute.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Change Time on Bose Radio


While there are different models available, in this short guide, our focus is on how to change time on Bose Wave radio. The process is generally simple and similar to other radios.

  • Step 1: To set the clock on a Bose Wave radio, start by turning it on. You can do so by pressing the On button on the radio face without a remote. If you have a remote, press the power button.
  • Step 2: Look for the Clock button. Hold and press for a few seconds.
  • Step 3: Press the Tuning button, which will change the minute and hour status of the clock. Tuning Down will move the time down in an increment of one minute. On the other hand, pressing the Tuning Up button will change the time up in an increment of one minute. If you hold the button down, the time will move faster. Release to set.

Changing the Clock Format

You need to learn more about Bose radio clock sets to change the time format. You can choose between a 12 or 24-hour format, depending on what is more convenient for you. To time set the Bose radio on either format, here’s what you will need to do:

  • Step 1: Press Alarm Setup and hold for a few seconds. Wait until you see Setup Menu on the face of the radio.
  • Step 2: Press the Tuning Up button and wait until the display shows the Time setting.
  • Step 3: To choose a 12 or 24-hour format, press the Time + or Time – button.
  • Step 4: After this, give the radio at least ten seconds to show your chosen format.

Setting an Alarm


When it comes to Bose radio time set, you must also learn the right way of setting the alarm. This is easy in the original Bose wave radio and almost similar to other radios.

  • Step 1: Press the Alarm Setup or Alarm Time button. Alarm 1 will start flashing on the face of the radio.
  • Step 2: Press Time < or Time > to set your desired alarm time.
  • Step 3: Press Alarm Setup or Alarm Time once again, and this will program the chosen alarm.
  • Step 4: You also have the option to set up a second alarm. To do this, Press Alarm Setup or Alarm Time. Alarm 1 will show on display. Repeatedly press Alarm Setup or Alarm Time and Alarm 2 will flash. Follow the same Bose alarm clock instructions with Alarm 1.

Choosing an Alarm Sound

Another thing we would like to teach you in this Bose waveguide is selecting an alarm sound. You can choose the traditional alarm buzzer or opt for the alarm to turn on with music from the radio.

  • Step 1: Start by pressing Alarm Mode. Wait until the desired icon flashes on the face of the radio. Choose the sound wave icon if you prefer a buzzer as the sound. On the other hand, if you want the radio to sound, choose the music note.
  • Step 2: To choose a radio station for the alarm, press Alarm Set and hold for a few seconds. Choose Preset to pick the station that you want to sound on upon the alarm.
  • Step 3: You can also change the volume of the alarm. Use the up and down volume level for the radio alarm. On the other hand, for a buzzer alarm, change the volume up or down once the alarm rings.


At this point, we hope you learned something about how to change time on Bose radio. It is an easy procedure you can do with or without a remote. Aside from setting the clock, we also talked about the basics of setting an alarm and choosing the alarm mode.

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