CanPure – Portable, Emergency Water Purification

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Portable, Emergency Water Purification

The Can Pure Water Purification System (WPS) is a complete stand-alone water treatment system designed to produce potable water in remote field conditions, emergencies, and disaster situations. Both units are portable and require no electricity, gravity, or dangerous chemicals. The LT22c is ultra compact and is ideal when the goal is to produce bottles of water for distribution to end users. The 5000cis compact and is ideal when the goal is to produce water for drinking, shower, kitchens, etc. Both units come complete including 60 tablet tubs of AquaTabs.

The Can Pure WPS uses a patent pending, dual process purification system incorporating micro-filtration and chlorination eliminating a wide spectrum of micro-organisms, cysts, virus and bacteria. The 5000c is capable of producing 50,000 L* per day of safe, potable water. The LT22c is capable of producing 25,000 L per day of safe, potable water.


An intake strainer and 5-stage micro-filtration system combine to create significant depth filtration designed to operate under challenging, high turbidity conditions. Uses 75% reusable filters and 25% disposable filters that result in filtration to 1 micron absolute. Both packages result in filtration to 1 micron absolute. Filtering to 1 micron absolute physically removes cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium that chemical only systems cannot remove.

The 1 micron absolute filter cartridge meets or exceeds the threelog (99.9%) removal requirements described in NSF Standard 53 for cyst sized particles. Independent lab validated tests performed by the filter manufacturer using live organisms resulted in the removal of 99.99 percent of Giardia lamblia cysts and 99.98% of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts

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