Bye-Bye Standby ® Energy Saving Kit

Save Money on Monthly Electric Bills – Manage your Carbon Foot Print

Bye-Bye Standby® Energy Saving Kit Turns your devices off overnight

Average cost of residential electricity: 10.94¢/kWh in the USA in 2007. With average USA monthly household consumption of 888 kWh bills averaged $87.56 in 2006. (Dept. of Energy)

Annual estimated average savings by eliminating Standby Power leakage could range from $63.04 to $273.18 (assuming 6% to 26% savings).

Electricity rates vary per state due to deregulation.

Cornell University. Cost Consumers $3 Billion A Year “
Science Daily 27 September 2002. 31 October 2007

Wasteful Standby Power

2001 report showed that Standby Power accounted for 15%* of electricity consumption on average. DVDs, VCRs and cable/satellite converter boxes can draw 30+ watts of power on the Standby mode!*
Desktop computers average 35 watts in standby mode, while laptops average 16 watts. Screen savers actually make things worse, using 28% more power than normal.**

Large number of electrical products — from printers to VCRs – cannot be switched off completely without being unplugged. These products draw power 24 hours a day. In particular with inefficient designs, the Standby Power use can be as high as 15 or 20 watts.

Chargers for cell phones, laptops, PDA’s continue to use power when they are done charging.**

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory estimated that Americans spend about $4 billion on Standby Power.

**Source: U.S. Environmental Protection

Maximize Savings with just one Kit

for typical electronics user.
Based on the Average 10.94¢/kWh

1. Computing Center

Plug your PC, Printer, Monitor, Cordless Phone, Fax, Scanner, Shredder, Modem, Router, Speakers & Desk Lamp into a single power strip and then in to a Socket Adapter

Estimated Annual Savings: $196.92 for above example
Calculation: 150kwh/mo.*14hours/day*30days/month*0.1094$/kWh = $16.41 saved monthly

2. Media Center

Plug your TV, DVD Player, VCR, Tuner, Receiver, Speakers, Phone Charger, Cable or Satellite Converter Box, and Games Console into a single power strip and then into a Socket Adapter

Estimated Annual Savings: $196.92 for above example.
Calculation: 150kwh/mo.*14hours/day*30days/month*0.1094$/kWh = $16.41 saved monthly

You will need to research the amperage of your ceiling fan. amps x volts (110) = watts / 1000 = percentage of kilowatt. check your utility bill to find what you pay per kilowatt. if you run your lights take the wattage from each bulb and add to the fan. Example 5 amp x 110 = 550/1000=.55 kilowatt @ $0.24/kilowatt = $ 0.13 per hour.
10 – 100 watt light bulbs left on (kids leaving on lights) = 1000 watts (1 kilowatt) = $0.24 per hour.

1 Wireless Remote Control
2 Smart Socket Adapters
Simple and convenient way to take control of your electrical devices,
reducing your electric monthly bill, and energy consumption, and at
the same time reduces carbon dioxide emissions (C02).
Easy to install and use and is really convenient.
Power down connected electrical devices in your home or office
Saves money and helps the environment by conserving energy.
One touch of the relevant button on the remote control will cut
wasteful standby power. No wiring necessary
Easily expandable system

How It Works

Control electrical devices with loads of up to 1800
Watts per socket adapter using the remote control.
Remote control has a 90 foot range, by sending RF
(Radio Frequency) signals to the socket adapters.
Set up: as easy as 1-2-3 …

  1. Set the dial on the reverse of the socket adapter to
    your chosen number.
  2. Plug your existing power strip or the device you
    want to control.
  3. Use the remote control to switch on and off with the
    corresponding button on the remote

Smart Socket Adapters can be controlled individually or
can be set up as a group of devices and can then be
switched on and off together.

Energy Saving Kit includes2
Socket Adapters and Remote
Control with Lithium battery
Easy to Install
Easy to Use


Radio Frequency: 433.92MHz
Battery (included) CR2032 Lithium
Operating voltage: 110V-120V/60Hz
Maximum Wattage per socket adapter: 1800
Watts or 15 Amps
UL approved for US & Canada