Short wave antenna for shortwave radios

This product is no longer available

This portable Short Wave Antenna will improve the performance and reception of your Short Wave Radio and will easily outperform its built-in telescoping antenna. Its antenna wire may be extended to a full 23 feet (7 meters) and when not in use it may be easily rewound into its case to fit neatly in your shirt pocket.

The antenna is terminated with a Mini-plug suitable for plugging directly into the External Antenna Jack of any Short Wave Radio with a 1.8″ (3.5mm) External Antenna Jack.

If your receiver does not have an 1/8″ External Antenna Jack or has another type of jack, an adaptor plug is provided that plugs into the terminated antenna plug at the end of the antenna and is clipped on the telescoping antenna on your radio.

Ideally suited for today’s compact Shortwave Receiver, the antenna is a must wherever you use your Shortwave Receiver.