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Windup Bike Light Kit and emergency cell phone charger Price / availability   



An original and authentic product from Trevor Baylis

• 3 x LED MAX • 3.6 VOLTS • 3 x LED RED ED
• brushless generator means less effort
• 1 min winding gives up to 90 minutes blink mode
• also recharges from any computer via USB
• emergency mobile phone charger
• weather proof
• rugged shockproof design

The new MINI ECO CYCLE KIT ™ is an amazing new development in miniature 3-phase brushless generator technology. Just 1 minute of winding will provide around 90 minutes of 3 x LED flashing light, or around 40 minutes of 3 x LED front & 3 x LED rear blinking mode light. When you are not cycling, simply unclip the torch from the clamp and just pop it in your pocket for the most compact and useful self-powered torch ever made! The torch also doubles as an emergency phone charger! For further convenience just connect the Mini Eco Bike light to your PC USB port for a full charge while you work. It measures a miniscule 2 5/8” (7cm) long x 1½” (4cm) wide and weighs just over 2½oz (80g), whilst requiring no external power or batteries ever.