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In every business, especially click and mortar ones, it is customer service that distinguishes the 'Best' from the 'Rest'.
We pride ourselves as being the nicest, friendliest folks around, and our customers attest to that.

Thank you for the update. I appreciate the professional, yet personal manner in which your company conducts business. RW
Pleasure doing business with you guys. TM
Thank you for your help. I'm sure My family will enjoy using the wind up light in Taiwan. Thank you again. Best Regards. HY
Do you people work on in-line skates?   Pray you and family have a blessed Thanksgiving- thanks once again for your kind help, G
Sorry that I shorted you the $5.00. I'll send it along immediately. Thanks very much for going ahead and shipping the materials anyway. I look forward to receiving your products and appreciate your great customer service. Best regards, GR
Again thank you so much for your help-and your great sense of humor.  I am looking forward to purchasing a windup lantern soon -heaven knows what happens when you dance with that--great company, great products and great people!!! KS
Sue, Thank you for all your information.  I appreciate it very much. Your company is very fortunate to have a sweet employee like you. B
Thank you for following up on this.  I appreciate your efforts. BP
Thanks very much for your help. KJ
Thanks for your speedy reply! JV
Thank you for your quick response. It really is nice to find someone that does all that you have done so completely. MG
Thank you for the prompt service. JT
Thank you for your courtesy during the phone conversation. AR
Thank you very much for the information. Tell Kevin I think your company's customer service is great!!  GVC
Hi Sue, No, actually I have an undeniable fondness for polite, professional and efficient Canadian women ...... like you!  :) Thank you for the wonderful service and warmest regards! MJ
I received my freeplay radio and accessories last week....hooked it up, and have been enjoying it immensely every evening since then while surfing the net.  Thanks for offering such a sweet deal on a really fine product!! JU
Thanks for the info.  I wish everybody taking orders over the phone knew how to be as "difficult" (i.e. charming) as you.  Thanks to you and your company for providing such interesting and useful products.  :-) All the best, MK
I thank you for the personalized response...with all this technology it's nice to know there's a human being on the other end! W
Great news - the radio has arrived at last & what a little beauty it is! Thanks for your attention, DB
I have just received QuakeAlert System today. I've just mounted on the wall and tested. It is working very well. Thanks for all your interest and  efforts for sending QuakeAlert. I'm very pleased with your "Professional Customer Policy" . From here , I'm sending best wishes to all your company employers for inventing such a very useful instrument. Best Regards, YP
Thank you. This may arrive just in time for a large hurricane headed our way. JH
Thanks for your shipment and nice note.  The order arrived quickly.  I look forward to trying everything out over the Labor Day weekend. Enjoy beautiful BC.  Kind regards, BL
Thank you for responding and taking responsibility.  That in of itself is enough for me.  Not to many people are willing to admit to making a mistake. Whenever I come across someone that does, I gain more respect for them and their business.  There was no harm done.  I haven't gone on our trip yet, so this delivery time is acceptable.  Thank you for your honesty. Sincerely, GC
Thank you very much for your time and consideration.  I look forward to receiving my order. B
Thanks so much for your prompt service. Best regards. MW
Sue at Innovative Technologies.
Shipment was received in perfect order. I would not hesitate to order from your firm again.....good service. Your prices for these items are some of the best I've seen thus far. Sincerely, NL
Thank you for such great service.  I had tried to order the radio from another on-line shopping service in the US, and had received incredibly poor service.  Not to mention names, but JM will never get my business now that I've found you folks. Thanks for being the complete opposite of my earlier experience - you did everything right, and we're enjoying the radio. Sincerely, SB
It has been good doing business with you. Thank you for your prompt attention to our problems. JP
Sue was a delight to talk to and very efficient in taking my original order. Everything has arrived in great shape.  Best Wishes DW
I find that not paying attention keeps me from being confused. I am a wizard by default. Thank you for catching the billing discrepancy. Sincerely, CC
I received the package today!  I appreciate your help in getting the items! I was concerned about ordering as everywhere I looked said "backordered".  I am thankful you were able to get me the products so quickly! Thanks again for your help!
I deal with many sales and mail order people as a educational technology administrator. Thank you for being so nice. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. GR