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Hot Pack Meals
self-heating meals

This product is no longer available

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   Nutritional Information - (per 265 g serving)

Product Energy Protein Fat Carbohydrates
Spanish Breakfast 250 Cal - 1047 Kj 11g 12g 27g
Chicken & Vegetable Casserole 300 Cal - 1256 Kj 27g 10g 26g
Shepherd's Delight 330 cal - 1381 Kj 33g 11g 24g
Rotini Bolognese 300 cal - 1256 Kj 25g 9g 28g

  Field Testing and Acceptance

  • The Hot Pack self heating meals have been tested by the RCMP Contract Policing Branch, and have been recommend for use in the field by Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers and volunteers. 
  • Hot Pack self heating meals have been used by the Canadian Coast Guard in a number of situations including the Ice Storm of 1998, and in the Peggy's Cove Swissair disaster.
  • Hot Pack self heating meals were used Hydro workers and emergency responders during the Ice Storm of '98.
  • In Canada, already over 65 Fire Departments, the OPP (Tactical/SAR), the Canadian Coast Guard, a number of RCMP detachments, many individual police forces, Search and Rescue Groups, Parks Canada Wardens, Natural Resources Ministries (forest fire divisions), utilities such as Hydro and many others are satisfied users.

Hot Pack Heater Sleeve Performance

 Heater Sleeve Information

In survival situations most victims suffer from hypothermia. Rarely is there an available heat source (conditions can be wet and items to make a fire scarce). Hot Pack Heaters will provide a guaranteed heat source. 


  • Shelf life - minimum 5 years (in probability 10-20 years)
  • Will defrost ice or snow for drinking water
  • Will heat 300g of food or water to 80C in 12 minutes
  • Will provide a source of body warmth for up to forty five minutes after activation
  • Is often reusable for a second heat cycle (dependent on how much of the heating chemical was consumed in the first cycle)
  • Totally safe chemical reaction
  • Warning! Burn Hazard - should be used only under adult supervision - a large amount of steam is released during the chemical reaction and there is the real possibility of an extreme burn.