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Innovative Technologies NOAA Weather Band Radios

DT-300vw Pocket Radio
with NOAA Weather Band

The Sangean DT-300VW is a marvel of miniaturization. A pocket-sized digital receiver that receives AM, FM, FM Stereo, VHF TV audio and the NOAA weather band! Use this radio at home, at work or while outdoors as an excellent source of information during bad weather. 36 presets are provided to store your favorite stations. Tuning on all bands is easy with up and down buttons. Other features include: auto shut-off, LED tune indicator, built-in speaker, clock, alarm and 1-180 min. timer, earphone jack and light weight stereo ear buds. Requires two AAA cells (not supplied). Coverage: 520-1710 kHz, 87.5-108 MHz, TV channels 2-13 (VHF) and weather. Includes handy belt carry pouch. Tiny enough to fit in a shirt pocket, this mini wonder gives you AM, FM, TV and the NOAA weather band.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Freeplay Windup Solar AM/FM  Eyemax LED Radio
and NOAA Weather Band

The Eyemax LED Weather Band Radio promises assured listening, anytime, anywhere. Offering a choice of wind-up, solar and rechargeable power, the Eyemax incorporates the latest in Freeplay's self-sufficient technology - which means unparalleled sound quality, playtime performance, dependability, and durability.

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Kaito Solar Windup AM/FM Shortwave Multi-Band Radio
with NOAA Weather Band

The Kaito KA-007 is a versatile multi-powered, multi-band radio which receives AM/FM bands, four continuous shortwave (SW) bands, VHF, TV (audio only), and the NOAA weather band. It has a low battery LED (light emitting diode) which indicates low battery charge and a LED tuning indicator to locate stations and fine tune stations. The Kaito KA-007 can be operated from direct sunlight (solar panel), from the internal Nickel Metallic Hydride (Ni-MH) battery, from normal household current (110 VAC), or 3-AA (alkaline) batteries.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available