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Freeplay Windup X-Ray LED Flashlight Price
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FREEPLAY SHERPA XRAY WIND-UP TORCHFreeplay’s new Sherpa Xray Wind-up Flashlight sails above other wind-up flashlights in quality, design and construction. This cool, candy-colored, translucent version of the trusted Sherpa flashlight is simply the best wind-up flashlight available today. While wonderful for everyday use, this is also a substantial survival flashlight that you can rely on to provide light when nothing else works. Super efficient wind-up mechanism combined with 7 LED bulbs provides unbelievable light output in emergency situations.

No Disposable Batteries or Bulbs Required

Ultra-bright 7 LED cluster performance with 100,000 hour life

Self-sufficient power - wind up and AC/DC adaptor

20 hours of shine time on full charge (normal beam)

30-second wind - 20 minutes of shine time (normal beam)

Ni-MH rechargeable battery